Outsourced IT Services

For small to medium sized businesses it makes total sense to outsource your IT support requirements.

When you need IT support and expertise from TEST Technologies, you have it on tap, without the need to hire costly internal staff.  We also take away much of the risk involved in self-managing your IT solutions, so you can focus on your core business.

TEST Technologies is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, with quality focused programs designed to provide services that enhance and maximise the use of the high quality products we supply.

When considering the move to Outsource your IT support services to TEST Technologies, these are some of the key features that we offer as your Partner:

  • Depth of skills and experience
  • Proactive, technology based approach to IT service management
  • Alignment with industry best practices and industry standards
  • Consistent processes, knowledge management and consolidated service visibility
  • Support for multivendor environments and strong partnerships
  • Consistent national service delivery, with options for local resources
  • Performance-based service level agreements
  • Broad portfolio of managed services aligned to client business model
  • Technology foresight and a path to innovation
  • Financial stability and reputation

From the outset, one of our highly experienced IT Project Managers will meet with you to to start building a real partnership to learn about your business and the outcomes you want to achieve.  From Capacity Planning to Forensic Analysis, they can begin to outline the relevant strategies for optimising and balancing your IT infrastuctures.

Cloud computing, purchasing hardware and software, networking, telephony and internet are just some of the services we offer to support your business. 

These are some of the benefits of having TEST Technologies introduce and manage your Cloud Computing:

  • Access to the advanced skills that Cloud requires
  • Usage-based pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Capital Expenditure reduction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater flexibility and scalability

Cloud Computing’s benefits derive from its characteristics of virtualisation, standardisation, automation and self-service.

Benefits of Automation in Cloud Computing:

  • reduces human involvement and potential for error;
  • speeds deployment;
  • reduces operational costs; and
  • can help achieve compliance.

Our world class specialists can take your business far beyond basic operating system maintenance and availability management. We can implement new technologies quickly, enabling clients to more readily exploit IT innovations that can provide new business value.

At TEST Technologies we are always on hand when you need us. Our vision is to achieve a level of support excellence that exceeds your expectations and differentiates us in the marketplace by providing:

  • Rapid response to your requests
  • Fast relief to high impact problems
  • Timely problem resolution
  • High quality fixes and information
  • Up-to-date service and installation information

To us, working with our clients is both a privilege and a responsibility.  As your IT Solutions Partner, our focus is your business success.  We can organise a Service Level Agreement that reflects your business needs.

Contact TEST Technologies today to maximise your IT investments.

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