Digital Forensics

TEST TECHNOLOGIES’s digital forensic investigative service covers a range of matters, including;

  • Regulatory disclosure
  • Data preservation during litigation
  • Electronic disclosure
  • Compliance investigations

Our forensic specialists have experience in collecting digital evidence across a broad range of sectors in the following formats;

  • Emails – Cloud based and Local email exchange
  • Computers / Laptops and Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Deleted data
  • Voice data (including phone calls and voicemails)
  • Hard copy documentation
  • Audio and video
  • Social media
  • Bespoke databases

From the first point of instruction, TEST TECHNOLOGIES provide a bespoke workflow to collate all the data in a forensically sound manner, while advising on the best technical strategies, using the latest software. We ensure all relevant data sources have been identified and mapped out prior to forensically acquiring, analysing and reporting digital evidence.

From extraction through to presentation in court, TEST TECHNOLOGIES maintains secure evidence continuity, throughout the entire life-cycle of your data.