IT System Solutions


Providing world class Information Technology Solutions enables our clients to concentrate on their core business.

At TEST Technologies we coordinate, plan and manage all stages of any technology project whether it involves system renovation, relocation or upgrade.

From the outset, one of our highly experienced IT Project Managers will meet with you to to start building a real partnership to learn about your business and the outcomes you want to achieve.  From Capacity Planning to Forensic Analysis, they will begin to outline the relevant strategies for optimising and balancing your IT infrastuctures.

When you choose TEST Technologies, we take all aspects of a system into account – our engineers understand that businesses grow, change and shift direction over time.  We incorporate flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business contitions.

TEST Technologies’ aim is to provide clients with access to the latest technology innovation so that our technology solutions have the best possible impact on your bottom line.

Our world class specialists can take your business far beyond basic operating system maintenance and availability management. We can implement new technologies quickly, enabling clients to more readily exploit IT innovations that can provide new business value.

Key areas include:

  • Managing change
  • Virtualisation
  • High availability
  • Middleware and databases
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Cloud technologies

TEST Technologies’ Specialists employ sophisticated techniques such as advanced analytics to drive incident prevention through analysis of failure patterns across client platforms and processes.  If you are investing in an upgrade, that’s a great time to ask us what we can do for your business using automation to reduce human intervention and improve quality and productivity.

Our approach to Risk Management is about problem prevention and continuous improvement.

Once in place, our sophisticated back-end technology provides: alert mechanisms; automated workload categorisation and prioritisation, incident escalation and remediation.

Your on-call Project Manager will work with you to ensure successful implementation of your tailored IT solution, including provision of ongoing support from our team of experts if you need it.

TEST Technologies’ extensive experience in managing Technology Innovation Projects will ensure that your next IT project investment, big or small, will meet agreed budgets and comply with your requirements.

Contact a TEST Technologies Project Manager today for a free consultation.

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